MJMAC Production is a visual technology company established in 2000, that combines visual arts, such as pictures and video, with technology to create personal, customizable and innovated productions in a format that meets your project & budget needs.

MJMAC Production offers Green Screen Video Productions.  MJMAC Production provides HD video and photos with customizable backdrops.  Each guest is the star of the show and captured in various posses for still images as well as video green screen.  Group shots can also be captured for creative fun scenes or a video message to the host, bride/groom, or the guest of honor.  Green screen video production is more versatile and fun than a photo booth at a fraction of the cost.

MJMAC Production will transfer you old vhs tapes to dvd, old lps and cassettes to mp3s etc.

MJMAC Production performs restoration on old pictures and creates stunning new picture, video or production design for business or family and friends.  MJMAC Production can utilize your photos, videos or assist in creating new pictures and videos in your chosen production format. Convert your old slides, pictures, camcorder tapes and movies into a REMEMBERALL VIDEO©. Our services have been used for Corporate, Trade and Business Presentations as well as Parties, Graduations, School Dances, Weddings, Sport Events and Farewell Tributes.

MJMAC Production is run with TLC by a technological nerd mom.
Faster, Better and Less Expensive than the average geek!

MJMAC Production offers data restoration services on hard drives that do not have physical damage.  Recover your old data to a new drive, disc or other devices in a fraction of the time and cost of many larger organizations.
· Restoration services are EXPENSIVE!
· Call anyone else for a quote first ...  MJMAC will be your last and best solution.

MJMAC PRODUCTION provides PC Tune-ups, repairs,  recommendations and hardware installation services.  MJMAC can also install hard-drives and transfer data for Play Station and X-Box systems.



MJ Mac Production "an eye 4 memories"